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1. Tom Yum Seafood (Spicy Thai Soup w/Shrimp/Squid) 


Tom yum seafood is considered to be the classic flavor of Thailand.

Shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, lemongrass, galangal, chilies, kaffir lime leaves, onions, and herbs are boiled together to create the taste of the soup!

The clear version is known as tom yum nam sai, while the creamy version is known as tom yum nam kon.

2. Tom Kha Gai (Chicken Galangal Soup)

Tom Kha Gai is a Thai chicken and galangal soup that’s eaten more like a curry than a soup.

A variety of mushrooms, pieces of chicken, sometimes blood jelly, and lots of coconut milk to make the soup extremely rich.

The soup is slightly sour from the lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves while the sprigs of cilantro add a fantastic freshness and the galangal gives it a lovely earthy spice.


3. Stir Fry Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Stir-fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts. Although the process regards this recipe looks like a lot, it's actually quite simple. It's nutty flavor appeals to the whole family, the raw materials are easy to find at your local market.

4. Stir Fried Broccoli with Shrimp/Checken 

 It has excellent properties that help with blood and wind as well as antioxidants that help reduce fat in the blood. {Keeps you young} 

5. Pad Thai with Chicken/Shrimp (Thai Fried Noodles)


Pad Thai is a dish that has become synonymous with Thai cuisine.

Sweet, salty and nutty are a few of the recognizable flavors that make it so popular.

 Pad Thai includes shrimp, but it can also be ordered plain, just sprinkled with bits of tofu and ground peanuts.

Pad Thai is available throughout Bangkok, served at both high end restaurants and falling apart street carts.

6. Chicken panang curry

It is a Thai style curry that emphasizes salty and sweet flavors.

The main ingredients of the curry are chili, galangal, lemongrass, coriander root, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, garlic, cinnamon and salt.

7. Massaman Kai (Chicken Peanut Curry) 

Massaman chicken curry is especially famous for being a Thai Muslim dish;

Chicken and potatoes are the main ingredients, it has a delicious nuttiness.

8. Green Curry Chicken

This famous recipe has a rich coconut milk base paired with chunks of chicken,

round Thai eggplant and chilies, a recipe that always tantalizes your taste buds!

9. Peanut Sauce

Peanut Sauce can be eaten alongside any food.

10. Tom Yum Chili Paste


 Tom Yum chili paste is used in soups, stir-fries, salads etc;

 tamarind juice is sometimes used to make it extra spicy.


11. Fry Spring Rolls

Wheat spring roll wrappers are wrapped around glass noodles, chicken, cabbage and carrot, with oyster sauce, soya sauce etc, mmm...

12. Black Sticky Rice with Mango/Banana 

Mango Sticky Rice is made with blackberry rice moon topped with fragrant coconut milk plus juicy golden yellow ripe mangoes.

The deliciousness of Mango Sticky Rice is incredibly soothing.

Blackberry rice is extremely nutritious.


13. Fry Banana

Kluai Khaek or Kluai Tod is a dessert which is cooked by cutting a banana into strips or halves and then dipping into a mixture of rice flour, white grated coconut, toasted sesame seeds and coconut milk. 




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